Mark Baumer was an award-winning poet, committed activist, devoted family member, and compassionate friend to many. He was hit and killed in Fort Walton County, Florida after being struck by an SUV on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

The Mark Baumer Sustainability Fund will honor Mark and help cultivate traits that were part of Mark’s philosophy of life—love, kindness, and taking a direct role in building a better world.



“It’s amazing how often we all forget this is the only opportunity we are ever going to have to live this life.”
-Mark Baumer

The Mark Baumer Sustainability Fund was created as a way of keeping Mark’s memory, work, and spirit alive. It is focused on supporting causes and organizations that cultivate traits that were part of Mark’s philosophy of life—love, kindness, and working towards building a better and more equitable world for all people.

While our emphasis is on sustainability and Earth-related causes and issues, Mark was also an activist and directly involved in actions related to social justice. Because of that, we’ll work to partner with other groups and organizations that are involved in similar work, such as supporting under-served populations and renewing their communities.


Your gift to the Mark Baumer Sustainability Fund helps build a world for everyone, not just those in power.


Mark Still Walking, by Jim Baumer, is a periodic newsletter (three or four times a year) that keeps donors and others interested up-to-date on the work we’re doing in Mark’s memory.

The Holiday Blues

Mark was a Christmas baby. Well, he came the week before Santa, on December 19. Mary and I were living in Northwest Indiana in 1983 when he was born. He was the bright spot in a bleak winter for his young parents, living 1,000 miles from family. On a life...

Summer Without Mark

I think most of us who live in a four-season setting treasure the summer months. Perhaps summer’s special place hearkens back to our formative years when the season meant no school. It’s certainly a time for outdoor activities and enjoying the natural...

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